Washington’s Legislature is Close to Passing Reform to Curb the LCB’s Harsh Enforcement Techniques

Lawmakers in Olympia may soon force the state’s weed regulator to loosen penalties on pot farmers and retailers, metaphorically forcing the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to take a huge bong hit and chill out. After years of Washington’s weed industry complaining that they face a punitive enforcement climate, the state Legislature is now close to passing a proposed law that would dramatically reform the state’s pot regulatory enforcement rules. Full Story

Banks urge Congress to fully Open the Marijuana Market to Banking

Bank officials and others urged Congress on Wednesday to fully open the doors of the U.S. banking system to the legal marijuana industry, a change that supporters say would reduce crime risks and resolve a litany of challenges for cannabis companies, from paying taxes to getting a loan. Full Story

Legal Weed in Washington – i502 Regulations

Carney Badley Spellman attorneys Joe Wallin and Michael Schneider interview Cindy Flynn on legalized marijuana in Washington state. Cindy, who has a practice focus on I-502 business and litigation, talks about challenges facing pot entrepreneurs and where the regulations may be heading.